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Whether you want to start a new business, are taking over for your retiring family members, or have been building a small business for years, you need experienced legal help. You are bound to run into situations in which you need legal information. As a business offering products or services, hiring employees, and working with suppliers, vendors, and other companies, there are many places where you can accidentally do something you’re not supposed to. By working with a business attorney from the start, you can remain compliant and focus on your growth. Under more serious circumstances, you may need a business litigation attorney who can file a civil lawsuit on your behalf or defend you in court.

The business lawyer at Czekaj Law, LLC is here to help every step of the way. From starting a brand-new business to dissolving a company and everything in between, we offer you the advice, insight, and practical help you need to succeed.

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How Our Business Attorney Can Help You

At Czekaj Law, LLC, our business attorney has experience assisting clients with a variety of legal needs related to their businesses, including:

Entity Formation

Maybe you had a new idea for a business, or you may have been working as a sole proprietor for years. In either situation, you may come to the point where you feel like it is time to form a separate business entity, such as a corporation, or limited liability company (LLC). If you plan to work with another person or small group of people, you may wish to enter into a formal partnership agreement.

When it is time to start a business, you need to call a business formation lawyer. At Czekaj Law, LLC, we can help in a variety of ways. To begin, we will go over your options. Partnerships, LLCs, and corporations all have unique attributes. One type of entity may be better for your plans than another.

Once you have decided on an entity, a business lawyer at our firm will help you formalize it in adherence to Pennsylvania law. We will guide you in forming your business so that you can get started on gaining customers and making a profit.

Small Business Concerns

If you own a small business or intended on forming one, you need to talk with our small business lawyer about what to expect and the laws you need to know and follow. As a small business owner, you will probably be doing it all: building the website, answering customer service requests, filling and shipping orders, hiring, scheduling, payroll, and more. There can be so much on your plate, and you may not realize all of the Pennsylvania and federal laws you need to adhere to. To avoid running afoul of the law because you were uninformed, call an attorney at our firm today.

Corporate Compliance

If you formed a corporation, you must adhere to Pennsylvania’s corporate requirements. One of the downsides of the corporate structure is that it requires you to follow numerous rules regarding how a business operates. There are several regulations you need to follow, including rules about shareholder meetings, board meetings, record keeping, and annual tax filings. To make sure your corporation is on top of everything, it is best to hire an experienced corporate lawyer.

Negotiating, Drafting, and Reviewing Contracts

As a business professional, you are going to deal with contracts. You may receive a contract that you need to review, possibly negotiate, and then sign. You may need to develop a contract with another person or business. In either situation, you should have our contract lawyer help. You should never sign a contract until you are 100 percent certain what you are agreeing to and are fully informed of the risks.

At Czekaj Law, LLC, our business lawyer is well-versed in contract negotiations and drafting. We handle all types of business-related agreements, including employment contractors, independent contractor agreements, vendor contracts, and client and sale agreements. When it comes time for your business to contract with others, do not hesitate to call us for help.


Not all business endeavors last forever. There may come a time when you need to walk away from a company. You and a partner may have had a falling out. You may also be part of a corporation or LLC that wishes to close its doors. Whenever you and the other owners are ready to part ways or dissolve the business, you should each obtain experienced business representation. This is particularly important if you are a corporation that needs to provide its shareholders with whatever value you can, or if the business will continue without you. We will ensure your business fulfills all of its obligations and that you move forward in life with minimal economic loss.

Civil Litigation

As a business, it can be difficult to escape litigation. Everything may go smoothly for years and then suddenly, you run into a serious problem. A business dispute or false allegations of misconduct can lead to a business partner, vendor, customer, or employee filing a lawsuit against you. You may face accusations of discrimination, sexual harassment, an employment law violation, or breach of contract. On the other hand, you may be forced to file a lawsuit against another person or entity. This usually occurs when your business is owed money, or a breach of contract has economic costs. If your business is dealing with a serious dispute contact Czekaj Law, LLC right away. If litigation is necessary, our business lawyer can represent you in court.

Speak With an Experienced Business Lawyer Today

When dealing with a business-related issue, you may be sure you need a lawyer. You may wonder if hiring an attorney can help. At Czekaj Law, LLC, we will listen to your concerns, review your situation, and advise you of best next steps. If you are just getting started, we are happy to help you form a new business and set you up for legal compliance. If your business is more seasoned, we can help you improve operations, adhere to the law, and address disputes. We also can help you move on from a business with the fairest terms.

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