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Property Tax Appeal Lawyer

At Czekaj Law, LLC, we are highly experienced in property tax appeal litigation. As a property owner, it is of the utmost importance that your taxes are accurately assessed. If you disagree with your tax liability, the best thing to do is to work with a property tax appeal lawyer. Our team is highly competent to handle your tax assessment dispute in Juniata, Perry, and surrounding Counties.

We are here to help no matter what your dispute entails. Do not hesitate to schedule a free, no-risk consultation by calling our civil litigation attorney at (717) 275-9770, or through our online form.

Property Tax Assessments in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania property tax assessments are handled by local county tax assessors. These individuals oversee the tax assessment process for all properties in their respective counties. The local office assess newly built properties, new additions to properties, and reassess existing taxable properties. Pennsylvania property tax laws vary by county, and most residents pay a certain percentage of the assessed value of their home.

If you believe your tax assessment is incorrect, contact our property tax appeal lawyer as soon as possible. The first step we will take is to review your most recent tax assessment, current county and school district millage rates, your prior property tax assessments, recent home sales in the area, and other factors that may affect your home’s market value. If there are discrepancies or other issues with the assessment, we will guide you through the administrative process to appeal it. When necessary, we can represent you in property tax appeal litigation.

Reasons to Appeal a Property Tax Assessment

There are two factors in determining your property tax bill: the value of your home and your county tax rate. The actual value of your home is intended to be what it would sell for if put on the market.

The county assessor’s office determines your home’s taxable value. This value is in place until the county assessor conducts a property tax reassessment. At this time, the market value of your home may have decreased, stayed the same, or increased. This is often where disputes arise. One of the top reasons to appeal a property tax assessment is if your home is valued too high.

There are several reasons why your home may be valued too high by the county assessor. There may be incomplete or inaccurate information in your home’s records. The size of your home or the lot it sits on may be wrong. Other issues could be an incorrect purchase price, number of rooms or bathrooms, or records of improvements that were not performed or completed. There also may be information a tax assessor overlooked or inappropriately used to calculate the value of your home. Our tax appeal lawyer may find that an assessor ignored the value of similar homes in your area, which are lower than your own home’s assessed value. We may also find that an assessor used property values for homes that were not similar, or were too far away to be appropriate.

When you work with Czekaj Law, LLC for your property tax appeal needs, we will review the property and tax records for your home to determine if any errors impacted its evaluation.

How to Lower Property Taxes in PA

There are limited ways to lower your property taxes. You cannot necessarily intentionally lower the value of your home, but you can keep a close eye on signs that property values in your area are decreasing. Due to a variety of reasons, such as a depressed local real estate market or expanding crime in your neighborhood, homes around you may not sell for as much as they used to. You also can pay attention to whether your home is keeping up with those around you. It may be that many neighboring homes have gone through renovations and updates, while yours has not. These factors may lead to your home’s market value decreasing or not increasing as much as it had in previous years.

Another way to lower your property tax liability is to make sure you take advantage of all possible exemptions, credits, and rebates. For example, certain senior citizens or those who renovate their home to be accessible to someone with a disability may qualify for a tax rebate or credit.

Pennsylvania Property Tax Exemptions

We are here to help if you believe your property should be exempt from property taxes. Pennsylvania law allows for certain types of properties to avoid taxes, including:

  • Religious institutions
  • Burial places
  • Educational institutions
  • Charities
  • Government properties
  • Homestead exemptions
  • Properties owned by certain disabled veterans or surviving spouses

If you believe you qualify for a property tax exemption, contact us right away. We can guide you through applying for an exemption or arguing your exemption status at a tax assessment appeal hearing.

Contact Our Property Tax Appeal Lawyer for Help

Finding yourself in the midst of a property tax dispute is frustrating. Your situation may be controlled or influenced by a Pennsylvania law or a local ordinance you are unfamiliar with. You may not be sure of the best way to go about arguing your position. This is why we recommend contacting a local attorney right away. By talking with us at Czekaj Law, LLC, you obtain accurate legal information regarding your rights and options. After meeting with us, you will know the next best steps in seeking a resolution to your dispute, whether that is opening up communication with the other party, filing a lawsuit, responding to and defending a lawsuit, or filing an administrative appeal.

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