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How Is Child Support Determined in PA?

15 Dec 2017, by Brandy Benefield in Child Support

Written by Timothy Czekaj

In the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, both parents are considered equally responsible for their child. As such, child support payments are generally split evenly between the net incomes of both parents. While both parents contribute, one parent usually pays the other child support. The Commonwealth assumes that the custodial parent, the parent with whom the child spends the most time, is already spending money to support the child. Therefore, the non-custodial parent – the parent with whom the child generally spends less time – pays support to the custodial parent.

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What Is Considered Net Income?

Net income is gross income minus taxes. The Commonwealth considers the following to be forms of gross income:

  • Salaries, bonuses, commissions from jobs
  • Money from a trust
  • Social Security benefits
  • Workers’ compensation benefits
  • Dividends or interest from investments
  • Pensions or retirement accounts

This list is not all-inclusive, but it pertains to some of the most common forms of income.The court reviews the monthly net income for both parents and the number of children for whom the parents are responsible to determine the amount of the child support payments. While some cases may not follow these calculations, many do, and the Commonwealth’s statutes include a basic child support schedule that can give you an idea of how much is owed each month.

How Do Custody Arrangements Impact Child Support?

In most cases, the parent who has primary custody and spends a larger portion of time caring for the child will be the parent who receives child support. This is because the court assumes that parent is already paying most of the cost of raising the child. Regardless of the amount of time you spend with your child, you may want to contact an attorney to find out if your payments can be adjusted.

Caregivers Can Request Child Support

Pennsylvania allows caregivers to request child support from parents. The caregiver does not need to have custodial rights or a duty to support the child to make the request.

How a New Bloomfield Child Support Lawyer Can Help

If you have primary custody of a child, it doesn’t mean you need to be the sole financial provider for him or her. The court states that both parents are equally responsible for ensuring that their children live in a comfortable manner, and should not suffer simply because their parents live apart.

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