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How to Prepare for a Criminal Court Hearing in Perry County

30 Oct 2020, by Christian Lautenschleger in Criminal Defense
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Written by Timothy Czekaj

A court date can be a stressful occasion for anyone. It’s important to be in attendance when your case comes up, but it’s also understandable for people to be unsure about what to do. Our firm has represented many people who have faced serious charges throughout Pennsylvania. We know how a court date can have a significant impact on your future. Be sure to contact your lawyer as soon as possible after an arrest. A skilled Pennsylvania defense lawyer can help you protect your rights through the entire court process.

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Speak With Your Lawyer As Soon As Possible

Every criminal proceeding is different, and the details involved in your case are unique. It’s important to act without delay once charges have been filed. Do not wait to begin working on your defense even if you don’t yet have a specific court date scheduled for your hearing. An experienced legal counselor can help you, but it’s important to give them as much time as possible. Our attorney have built strong defenses for many people charged with crimes in Pennsylvania. We understand the legal process that you and your family are facing. When speaking with an attorney after your arrest, be prepared to share the following:

  • Details about yourself and relation to others involved in your case
  • Information regarding your arrest and release
  • Details about witnesses and police response to your arrest
  • Information about your past arrest history
  • Details regarding your schedule regarding school or work
  • Any court dates that you have already been notified about
  • Documents you have received after arrest

Confirm All Of Your Hearings Details Beforehand

There is a lot to remember when you are about to go to court. Unfortunately, it’s common for many people to forget important things as their court date draws near. This is a stressful time for you, and there is a lot going on. In addition to remembering as much as possible about your defense, you also have to move on with your life while your hearing approaches. Keeping a close correspondence with your defense lawyer can be very helpful in the days and weeks after an arrest. Things that we recommend you confirm before your criminal court hearing include:

  • The date and time of your hearing
  • Make sure to have at least three copies of all documents related to your case
  • Have a list of all witnesses who could help in your defense
  • Know exactly where your hearing will take place
  • Have your attorney’s contact information on hand
  • Make sure that your schedule for the remainder of the day is cleared if possible

Arrive On Time To Your Court Hearing

Being late to your criminal court hearing can set your case back significantly. It’s important to be early so that you can find the exact room where you must be. The details of your case can be developing quickly. For this reason many successful defenses require planning in the minutes before a hearing. Finding time to speak with your lawyer before your hearing is often necessary. Furthermore, the judge and court clerks will not be happy if you are late. Being too late can cause your hearing to be cancelled. Not only can a canceled hearing cause your case to drag on, but you could be facing mounting legal challenges if you miss a court date.

The Perry County Courthouse is located at 2 E Main Street in New Bloomfield. This is at the intersection of Main and Carlisle streets. There is not a large parking lot available for those with court hearings, but street parking is readily available. It’s possible that security checks could delay your entrance into the courthouse by several minutes. Be sure to speak with your lawyer beforehand to specifically decide where and when you will meet before entering for your hearing.

A Criminal Defense Lawyer From Czekaj Law, LLC Can Help You

Criminal charges are taken very seriously by prosecutors in Perry County. You may be facing serious fines or even time in jail. Furthermore, a criminal record can make it very difficult for you to secure employment or education in the future. Our attorney understand how important a successful conclusion to your criminal hearing is for you and your family. Do not delay in contacting a skilled attorney after an arrest. Criminal court hearings generally require numerous deadlines that can be overwhelming for anyone. Having an experienced Pennsylvania defense lawyer working for you can help make sure your rights are protected throughout the court process.

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