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Will My Medical Marijuana Card Save Me from a DUI?

13.09.2023 in Criminal Defense, DUI

Medical marijuana has been legal in Pennsylvania since 2016. You may think a medical card protects you from criminal charges because you can legally consume THC. However, many patients don’t know they can run into legal trouble if they get behind the wheel after using…

Avoiding a DUI in Pennsylvania over the Holidays

Avoiding a DUI in Pennsylvania Over the Holidays

21.12.2020 in DUI, Holidays

The chill in the air means the holidays are almost here. For many Pennsylvanians, this is a time to enjoy travel, family gatherings, gift shopping, big meals, and office parties. But leaving the office get-together or holiday meal with one too many drinks in your…

Alternative Penalties in a Pennsylvania DUI Case

Alternative Penalties in a Pennsylvania DUI Case

10.07.2020 in DUI

A decision to drive after a few drinks can bring serious consequences including jail time, fines, revocation of driving privileges, loss of your job, and even undermine custody arrangements. But there is relief for some in Pennsylvania through alternative penalties for DUI. Because of the…

How Will a DUI Affect My Family Law Case

How Will a DUI Affect My Family Law Case?

23.01.2020 in DUI

The full impact of a DUI doesn’t really hit home until you’ve had the chance to talk to your attorney. The fact is that driving under the influence does more than land you in court, cost you hundreds in administrative fees, and threaten your driving…


Will I Go to Jail for a Pennsylvania DUI?

17.04.2019 in Criminal Defense, DUI

DUI (driving under the influence) is one of the most serious criminal offenses people can face, and Pennsylvania’s DUI laws have some of the harshest penalties in the country. Prosecutors will aggressively pursue convictions, and the law is very rigid for drunk driving crimes. If…

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