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What to Do If You’re Pulled Over for a DUI

15 Nov 2017, by Brandy Benefield in Criminal Defense

Written by Timothy Czekaj

For many people, getting pulled over by the police is one of the scariest moments they can imagine. After all, what could be worse than talking to an officer who wants to arrest you? The answer is: facing an officer who wants to arrest you and not knowing what to do. If you are pulled over and arrested because an officer believes you are driving under the influence (DUI) of drugs or alcohol, you need to contact the Perry County DUI lawyers of Czekaj Law, LLC.

Whether you kept silent or said something that reflected poorly on you after being stopped by a law enforcement official, our experienced and trusted Perry County DUI lawyers will protect your rights and build you the strongest defense available under the law.

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What to Do if You’re Pulled Over for a DUI

When you are pulled over by the police and suspected of drunk driving, you should remember to do the following:

  • Identify yourself- You are legally required to give the police your name and show them your driver’s license. If you do not have an ID or refuse to show it, you could face charges.
  • Remain silent, if you wish- Whenever you are dealing with the police, you have the right to remain silent and not answer their questions. It can be difficult to do this during a traffic stop. You may feel compelled to politely answer their basic questions. That is always your choice. However, if you are uncomfortable answering questions, inform the police office you will remain silent until you have an attorney present.
  • Exit the car if asked- If a police officer asks you to get out of your vehicle, you must do so. Be sure to exit your car slowly, without making any movements or comments that would be considered aggressive toward the officer. If you refuse to exit the car, you are increasing the likelihood that you will be arrested.
  • Refuse any field sobriety test- Once you have been asked to get out of a vehicle, an officer may ask you to perform certain physical tests. These are field sobriety tests that are used to obtain clues that you are intoxicated. You can always say no to these tests, though you may still be arrested for a DUI.
  • Refuse to take a roadside breath test- In addition to or instead of a field sobriety test, an officer may ask you to blow into a portable breath test device. This is intended to give the officer a preliminary blood alcohol concentration (BAC) reading that they may use as evidence to arrest you. You have the right to refuse this test.
  • Refuse a formal breath test- If you are arrested and asked to take a breath test at the police station or a medical facility, you have the right to refuse, but this could have additional consequences. This is an evidentiary breath test and is more serious than a roadside breath test. If you refuse a breath test that falls under Pennsylvania’s implied consent law, then you may face civil and criminal penalties, such as an automatic license suspension.
  • Refuse a warrantless blood test, if you want- If you are asked to take a blood test and the police do not have a warrant, you are entitled to refuse. You cannot be criminally punished. However, it is important that you know under Pennsylvania’s implied consent laws you CAN still lose your license for refusing to submit to a warrantless blood test.
  • Contact a Perry County DUI lawyer- If you are arrested for a DUI in Perry County, you should make it clear to the police that you want an attorney. You should remain silent and not answer any questions until your lawyer is present.

Our Perry County DUI Lawyers Are Here to Help

Many people make the mistake of believing they can handle a DUI charge themselves, particularly if they think the circumstances are not that bad. Unfortunately, there is no way of knowing how good or bad your situation is until you have obtained the opinion of an experienced DUI defense attorney.

By calling us at Czekaj Law, LLC, you gain an experienced legal advocate who will review your situation and give you an objective opinion on the best and worst possible outcomes of your case. We will also explain your rights, legal options, and the strongest defenses available based on the facts of your situation.

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