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How to Get an Increase in Child Support

15 Jan 2021, by Christian Lautenschleger in Child Support
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Written by Timothy Czekaj

The family court system is designed to allow for changes in circumstances. This is especially important when it comes to the matter of child support. Children’s needs change as they grow, and similarly, their caretakers’ income levels and schedules evolve. With a modification in child support, parents can ensure that their children get the financial support they deserve from both parents.

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Identify the Change in Circumstances

First, you must identify and clarify the change in circumstances that has led you to request a modification. Pennsylvania courts award increases in child support for a variety of reasons. You may request a modification due to:

  • The income level of each party
  • Assets owned by each party
  • The children’s ages and specific care needs
  • The custody schedule and how much time each parent spends caring for the child

For the court to seriously consider your request, you must be specific about the changes that have led to your petition.

Gather Evidence

Not only do you have to specify why you believe you deserve a modification in child support, but you must also supply evidence backing up your claim. If your ex-partner’s income has increased and you want a boost in child support because of that, make sure you have copies of text messages where they tell you about the raise or possibly social media posts about the raise. You may also be able to work with an attorney to request proof of income from your ex-partner if they are attempting to hide their increase in income from you.

If you’re asking for an increase because of a change in custody, keep a detailed schedule of how parenting time is split up. This is especially important if the time split is not according to your current custody agreement. For example: if your deal is one week on and one week off, but your ex-partner has brought the child back to you three days early for the last several months, keep track of specific dates and times. This will allow you to ask for an appropriate change in custody and an increase in child support.

It is crucial to have the right evidence. The other party will also have a chance to provide evidence for why payments should remain the same, and you want your evidence to be stronger.

Submit a Motion to the Court

Once you have the paperwork and evidence you need, you can submit a petition to the court to request a child support modification.

Consult an Attorney

Before you begin modifying your child support, take some time to talk to your family law attorney about your options. People often think that child support modification is a straightforward request that doesn’t require assistance. However, people will do a lot to avoid paying out more of their money, and you don’t want to take unnecessary chances.

Working with an attorney ensures that you have the proper evidence, meet all requirements for notifying the other party, and come to court completely prepared to make your case.

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